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Why is the wedding dress white?

Why is a wedding dress white? It is like why Chinese weddings are married like red wedding dresses. It is a Western tradition to wear a wedding dress when you are married. Wearing a wedding dress when you are married means that the bride is holy and innocent. It also means that the future will be bright and flat. In China, Lily is a symbol of lilies. For a hundred years, the bride wearing a wedding dress is like a lily fairy, white and pure.

In modern wedding culture, the white wedding dress has become the most crucial part. No matter...

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Wedding dresses and shawls

The authors with wedding dress and shawl: high-end wedding Source: upscale bridal shop with a white silk texture of a good white, beige shawl, allowing the bride more elegant, with a sense of design and dress with shawl, on the one hand With the function of keeping warm, it can also lengthen the proportion of the whole body of the bride. Made of French silk satin, thanks to the double fabric and good texture, you can set off the extravagance of your dress! The shawl made of black yarn has a see-through effect, so it is especially feminine when paired...

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Analysis of wedding photography techniques

Love beautiful girl likes taking photos, most of the time, we will always take some flowers with a camera, take some photos, every year there is always a lot of new people take wedding photos, wedding photos for everyone is very important, but cannot take as usual, it is need some skill, take wedding photos?

Wedding photos are different from ordinary photos because wedding photos are solemn, a happy memory of every couple's life and a witness of love. How can take wedding photos at ordinary times how whatever we want to beat, wedding photos, we need to perfect decorate the...

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Bride-to-be buy wedding dress details


The bride-to-be buys the wedding dress, the wedding, is a life feast, is another door to happiness. Nowadays, more and more maverick new couples have got rid of the shackles of traditional wedding ceremony. In the most grand ceremony of life, they show their unique creativity.

Bride-to-be buy wedding dress details

1. Hand sew the wedding dress

Can buy the marriage gauze in marriage gauze store directly the marriage gauze of a basic design, sew personally with mother next go up adornment, this can save a little money perhaps, but meaning is extraordinary however.

Figure out prices in advance

It's best to be patient about...

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