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Clever use of methods in wedding photo show thin


Every girl wants to have a perfect body to become the most beautiful bride, but our own condition is not decided by we can, this leads to a lot of brides lost confidence to oneself, many would-be bride will because their fat and timidity.


1, the hands

This is a good way to hide obesity, bride's face if feel more meat, can use hand gesture of keep out, put a little lovely action, XiaoDu pork meat is more, you can put your hands on the abdomen, such posture can not only keep out faults, also can look very artistic, plus post-processing, no...

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Underwear and wedding dress go together


Under the dress of wedding dress, the bride changes all the more dazzling, dazzling! But do you know what kind of "inner beauty" lies behind the light that shines on this stage? It's the secret of underwear. In fact, underwear with different styles of wedding dresses can be learned oh! Every woman has thought of such moments countless times: the holy wedding march, the graceful wedding dress, the white veil on her head, the bright red carpet, the gentle gesture Happiness permeated in their own face, this life of love, also because of this day and perfect.

Underwear and wedding dress...

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The Love of Thousand Kinds

In the western culture circle, the custom of wearing a wedding dress was also more than a hundred years old. However, it was a long time to wear wedding dresses in marriage, even ancient Egypt which dates back 4,000 years ago. The ancient Egyptian court aristocrat bride will wear a multi-layer pleated chiffon skirt in white linen. This dress is exposed on the front and sleeves to the elbows. The chest and waist are tied by milk under the milk and dressed in bell-shaped skirts. Today's wedding is quite similar. The overall integration of such a wedding dress, pleated decorative...

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Every girl has a wedding dress dream


An innocent girl, whether she is wearing a vest or a waistcoat, or whether she is dressed in a dress or cropped trousers, she will be beautiful. She wears a patch of clothes and cannot hide her flowers. Blooming life is beautiful. The so-called angel, that is, the kind of clear-looking eyes, like a clear spring, looks like a girl with a clear blue sky. When the girl is still an angel, her laughter is so crisp, her heart is so sacred!
However, one day, angel-like girls no longer satisfied with their good-looking dresses, and even forgotten the one that they...

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