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Elegant blue wedding dress.


Blue wedding dress: pale blue, calm and unstable heart, it makes the bride excited mood slightly calm. An introverted, quiet bride, dressed in a blue wedding dress, not only matches her personality, but also lets the shy bride quiet down. The bridal bouquet, white lilies, all over the sky star etc. This is the best choice, but if you feel a warm enough, might as well change pink or red rose, rose, make wedding dresses with simple but elegant bouquet with warm harmonious colour contrast. Accentuate the look of beauty on makeup, such as black and gray eyebrows, blue eye...

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Paris evening gown.


Petite figure - suitable for high waist, gauze, waist discount dresses, to decorate the proportions. Should try to avoid the skirt of the lower body is too loose, shoulder-sleeve design also should avoid exaggerated; The upper body can change more, the waist line suggests to use V word micro low waist design, in order to increase the sense of length. Build an older person -- a natural wardrobe, and any type of dress can be tried, especially with a fish-tailed wedding dress. Full bodied - fit for straight line cuts and slimmer. Lace flower should choose thinner plane lace, do...

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There is a kind of beauty called wedding dress stockings


 When you get married, the bride will have a requirement, that is, beauty should be beautiful, we all know that the matching of wedding dresses and jewelry is very important, but often we will ignore some details, such as how to choose socks to wear a wedding dress. The choice of socks is definitely to be matched with wedding dresses and wedding shoes, so how to choose socks to wear a wedding dress? Down the flowers and chat with everyone.
        If the wedding dress is a awning skirt style, then the choice of socks is very broad, from ultra-thin plastic pantyhose...

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White gives a pure natural feeling


The scorching summer has long been quietly coming to everyone's side. Then how can the girls be able to streaking in temperament and be refreshed without being contemptuous? Today I will introduce you to a summer outfit. Skin rules!
Usually in the hot summer season, the bare legs are standard for both the tall and short-skinned girls. However, because they are too common, the sexiness is relatively low, but this can be even more youthful and lively. However, summer has already arrived, and there is no single long-sweet dress that will eclipse the entire summer!
Long skirts can be divided into many...

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