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How to choose the best organization



Believe that most couples should be considered before go to the wedding photos were taken between the workshop or studio, looked at the burgeoning personality wedding photography studio and bustling of the studio, how should we choose, where to go?

Big store or small shop

Many people like to go to the big store, think to shoot there face, actually photos effect is king, big shop process, shooting is very skilled, shooting out will not too bad, more reliable, defect is expensive and difficult to have a special surprise letting a person's photo. More and more people will search on the Internet or buying a few small studio to shoot, is characterized by studio creative personality, style diversity, flexible process where want to go whatever, but not all studio is so good in cieme real professional is not much, most of the people pursue cheap didn't go to the studio, so choose to store professional clap out effect is poor. Personally, I don't think you should go to places that are too cheap.

2. Focus on their shooting level

The level of the most important is taken, a lot of people into the shop, looking at others how luxury decoration, advertising how perfect packaging, album, photo frame to give more, than to see what they actually photographers to the other guests of guest, now too much looks bright inside actually no levels, with contributes presents are not taken by our own confuse consumers, then make their own, it is not the effect. This is the wedding photography industry cause guest complaints the culprit, generally good photo studio will be the guest slice of sun on the Internet, there are even pictures every guest will burn out, for each guest they can shoot well.

3. Actual or outdoor scenes

With more and more popular live action, slowly found on location to ignore, can live very beautiful regardless of the weather and other adverse factors, shooting up too fast, low cost, so the studio also began particularly keen on live, certainly made a good handful. In fact, the best effect of exterior scenery is the most natural and the highest cost, so many stores are reluctant to provide too much exterior scenery. Also has a lot of shopkeepers playing on location, the guest to take the later found that the result is bad, the reason is that in order to save cost to scenic spots is too general, a good shop for the construction of the real, and the choice of location is very exquisite and absolutely professional, even filmed at a professional studio, treat the exterior demand has reached the acme.

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