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The bride and groom should pay attention to the etiquette knowledge at the wedding


Happy days are worth remembering forever, especially my own wedding, the new couple with happiness into a new life. Such an important day, there are many details need to be aware of the wedding process, the couple want to such every guests and staff, thank them for their whole life the most wonderful day I spent with you, what are the below small make up take you to the wedding details need to pay attention to the etiquette.

1. Eldership (gift giving)

Wedding, the couple will usually treat elders as witnesses at weddings or guest, but if only verbal invitation is too lose etiquette, can give a wedding gift, made a thorough already so, also can let the elders more understand the couple.

2. Gifts (group photo)

When receiving the gift money, we should pay attention to understanding 2. We should accept it with both hands, otherwise it is very impolite. Never open the red envelope in front of the guests to check, even if you find something wrong, quietly tell the bridesmaid to mark it. In addition, the bridesmaid should use the red envelope bag to be generous and decent.

3. Welcome gift (red envelope)

On the day of the wedding, the groom will take their best man to escort the bride home, at this time will be the bride's sisters a torture, clever answer this question, hair red envelopes is inevitable, but the money inside need not put too much, just need the groom prepared some more, because you never know what will meet.

4. Thank you (parents of both parties)

Life, is the most difficult to repay the parents, the wedding day, the bridegroom to the bride wedding party in the home, need to meet the new grandma dedication of the thank humbly to her parents, and then the couple go to the groom's home together, the same line to the groom's parents thank humbly. Common courtesy is to offer tea to the parents of both parties, bow and thank them, and express all gratitude.

5. Courtesy (respect)

Here to say is that the couple don't forget our photographer, cameraman, dresser and MC hosts and other related staff, you remember to arrange their seats in advance, or you can take out food for them, if you ignore, is really not polite, say thanks to their hard work and effort, the show respect for their services at the same time, you also can get better returns.

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