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The bride must read the full version of the wedding Raiders


A wedding dress is a memory, but also a dream for every girl. The princess in the fairy tale is wearing a beautiful pettiskirt and will always be the most beautiful one. Every girl has a dream. She dreams that she will always be the focus of the world. There is a man who always loves herself. Having a beautiful wedding dress has extraordinary significance for me! Although I can only wear once in a lifetime, even if I'm lying in a closet, I think of it from time to time, look at it, touch it, and I can recall the touching moment. In foreign countries, some people even leave their wedding dresses to their daughters as family treasures. It is also true that a bride wears her own mother's wedding dress, of course, the wedding dress is modified, plus or minus the addition of Gaga, retro and innovation.
There are many ways to choose a wedding dress. Buy a brand's wedding dress directly, find a wedding dress designer to do a high-level custom, or buy a big-name style from Taobao and make your own modifications. Originally, I was also looking for wedding designers to design, but at the time I was tortured by morning sickness and it made me feel no mood and strength to find a designer, let alone Taobao. So, I decided to directly choose a brand of wedding dress.


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