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Wedding photo perfect photography tips to share


Each couple wants to take wedding photos is the most beautiful, so that you don't always worried about pose, expression, for fear that their wedding photos not good-looking, so picture taken there are many factors to consider.

I. characters' expressions

Generally speaking, the expression of photograph of marriage is unfavorable smile too exaggerated, laughing is easy to pull a face wide show fat, two is easy to smile the eye small, three is easy to smile wrinkle to come. A natural smile is better. Normal situation, avoid expression very rigid, smile very fake; Second, avoid expression too cold, when not smiling, can be a quiet expression. Too cold an expression really doesn't fit in a wedding photo. The work that can capture the instant natural smile is the best work of expression. Photography xingshenjianbei, so-called god, refers to the lasting appeal, the center is to look to lively natural good expression must be instantly lead and snapped out, let you always smile, don't take a long time, sure will not have a good look.

2. Choose natural customs

Taking wedding photos of outdoor scenes means that the style of "character expression" and "theme scene" should be actively integrated. The most feared is the artificial melodramatic in the shed, applied stiffly in the outdoor wedding photography. Newcomers to shoot wedding photos when modelling performance, for a better with nature fusion, natural, vivid, have life, good at capturing the highest state of the moment is to shoot on location wedding photos, more perfect cooperation between the new and professional photographers.

3. How to pose

Gentle movements avoid hard positions. We are not professional models, so that the muscles of the body, the line is also not so perfect, if in the Pose when he must be careful, don't put those too thick too thin limbs into pictures. To avoid muscle obvious method is very simple, is to use too much strength to support the body, especially when classical model were taken to show the woman's feminine side, don't do some action is too hard.

4. Choose the appropriate shooting time

Outdoor wedding photos taken time must choose good, for their wedding photos is a long process is very tired, be sure to find a double cease day, have a plenty of time, and the bride, if in the physiological period, as far as possible, do not have to choose photos, the body will be unable to stand. When selecting a wedding dress in advance and photographer, makeup artist, communicate their preferred style, posture also want to communicate with staff, let the staff understand their ideas, and when to shoot.

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